A bit exceptional week

For the third lesson we had only about 30 minutes because of other activities at school. We went through the UN Sustainable Goals from the previous lesson and after some counting of points we found out which group had won the activity. Congratulations to the winners! They also got information and hints how to start working on the video they are supposed to create during the course.

The following week was even more exceptional. I travelled in Belgium with a group of students on a visit related to our school’s DIG_IT – project (Erasmus+). On Monday I had a substitute. Our very own teacher Anna Grubert gave the group a lesson on pidgin and creole languages.

“I liked the lesson, …it was interesting and I learned new things about different forms of English, as well as that some of the languages that sound a lot like English aren’t exactly English.”

For the remaining two lessons on that week the students were supposed to work in pairs or in small groups and start creating a video. They have a free hand otherwise but the theme has to be somehow related to the UN Sustainable Goals. I hope they got a lot done!


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