The second round of English Worldwide has started. I have 25 eager young minds, motivated to speak English, learn of different cultures and global issues. Pretty awesome!

In the first lesson we took some time for planning. Then the students introduced themselves to the rest of the group. They shared thoughts of their future and important issues in their lives at the moment.

This is what one of the students wrote in her journal:

“The first lesson of the course was getting to know to each other. The activity that we did was fun and it was good to know what things we had in common. I think that this course is going to be quite interesting.”

In the second lesson we started to talk about the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We learnt what they were and why they existed. We used some aspects of the “world’s largest lesson” (Here you can find some material.) . I gave the students some other activities to keep them busy while learning. They ran around and dictated phrases to each other. We didn’t have time to check their work so we’ll do it next time.

“Today we had to dictate texts that were scattered all around the classroom and in the room next to the class. We had to remember the texts and then try to dictate them in as much detail as we could to the one who wrote the texts on paper. I actually quite enjoyed the activity. It was a nice change to the casual English classes.”


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