Week Three

After my week in Belgium, we started working on human rights issues more closely. The lesson included activities and films related to asylum seekers’ and refugees’ situation as well. I find it important to develop everyone’s understanding on the humanitarian crisis, in hope of being able to arouse feelings of empathy, too. “What would I do? How would I feel?” Of course, being critical on the information you get is also of utmost importance.

“We talked about asylum seekers and refugees. We tried to put ourselves in their shoes. It was very interesting lesson and it changed my mind related to refugees.”

On Wednesday we had the first visitor in class. Mohammad Shehab is a student in Oulu at the moment. He shared his knowledge on his own culture and home country Egypt as well as many other points related to the English language, for example.



Thank you Mohammad! Now we know a lot more about Egypt and learned some Arabic as well.











On Thursday we were lucky to have two visitors at the same time. They are students in Oulu as well. Claudia Alonso is from Mexico and Modou Leigh is from Gambia. Or more correctly put, from THE Gambia, as I learned that day. Modou was the first Gambian we had ever met, so we had a lot to learn related to the Gambia. Claudia was able to share many new and interesting points on Mexico as well.  Thanks Claudia and Modou – you were lovely guests!   modou and claudia


Thank you both, Claudia and Modou! You were lovely guests.




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