The final lesson

And then there was one. The last lesson of the course. It was time to watch the videos the group had made over the past weeks. They were supposed to choose one UN Sustainable Development Goal and somehow cover it in their video. Otherwise they had a free hand. After watching all the videos we talked about them and the whole group voted which three videos should be published here on this site. I was very proud of all of my students and they did a good job. However, I agreed with the students – these were the best ones. Others were good as well but they had some technical issues that prevented publishing.

Joona, Pyry and Mikko’s: Education

Miikka, Mikael, Tommy and Matias’s: Goal 12

Joonas and Aleksi’s: SDGs (like a vlog post)

I am feeling very happy after the course. This is what one student wrote in his journal after the course:

“So, what have I learned during this course? I have learned a lot about different people, cultures and countries, and I think I can watch the world much more open mindedly now.”

Until next year!



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