Week six

This week was very lively again since we had nothing but visitors! It gives me a bit of stress trying to make sure everybody finds the school (not goes to a wrong one…) and is able to arrive more or less on time. Sometimes I need to make some phone calls and pick up people from wrong places, no matter how precise information I try to give. Still, I find this kind of work utterly important even if there is some hassle every now and then.

First we had Petra Kreč from Slovenia. It was a bit different lesson since Petra is educated in group dynamics. We did some activities and didn’t concentrate on her home country for the whole lesson. We had a lot of fun and the group was very willing to play along.


Next there were two visitors on each lesson: Marzie Khoshnazar (Iran) with Maria (Greece) and Lin Wang aka Jessica (China) with Rima Haddid (Algeria). It didn’t matter that we had already had a visitor from China. They got in touch with each other before Jessica’s visit and didn’t talk about the same topics. Rima’s lesson was a bit different from others. She introduced a new concept to us, Third Culture Kids. Rima’s background was multicultural and she shared her own experiences with some scientific information on actually being without a home country and mother tongue. It was quite eye opening.

Marzie on the left and Maria on the right.


Rima and Jessica



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