WEEK THREE: visitor and narratives

We had a visitor who has come from India but lived in Oulu for several years now. Mr Alok Sethi gave us an interesting presentation of his home country.

“His home country was very fascinating. Something new that I learned was that India has almost 200 (including the unofficial ones) languages! Finland’s two languages seem so sad compared to that haha. He also showed us gorgeous pictures of some islands that he thought were great places for tourists to visit. Some of the first things that come to mind when thinking of India is the poverty and the bad hygiene, but the presentation was a great reminder that India is so much more than that.


Alok Sethi

Then we moved on to a new theme: narratives and hate speech. Narratives are the “stories” that lie behind our thinking. Narratives are necessary to create structure in our world but if they are not questioned and revealed, they can be harmful. Hate speech is an ugly phenomenon that heavily rests on false narratives.

“Especially narratives were not so familiar to me, so the lesson about them was really useful and good and I got a hang of them. Then we used a good while to speak about our own experiences, which I liked a lot. I think the questions we answered in our little groups made us all think. The media is full of narratives affecting us. It made me think.”

“We got familiar with the “No hate speech movement“. That was also something that I hadn’t heard before. I think its quite important to speak about hate speech. It is a thing which is hidden in almost everything in today’s society.  Recognizing these things make us more media critical. That is important…” 

The last lesson this week was about thinking and judging – do we judge too easily without really thinking first? The students were then asked to write a paper on the themes that we had covered.


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